Rolling in Comfort & Style- Electra

We’ve partnered with Electra Bicycle Company to round out our product line with comfortable, stylish, recreational bikes. 

I’ve known of Electra for some time, both for their fantastic style and the unique (patented) fit, which they call Flat Foot Technology. This one-two punch of style & comfort makes for a great Idyllwild bike; the upright, comfy position lets you see traffic and the beautiful mountains we live in… and the bikes look great anywhere in town from Idyllwild Arts to the Farmer’s Market to Cafe Aroma and all points between.

We’ve brought in a small selection of the lines we’re most interested in, starting with a pair of Townies, which may eventually make up our forthcoming rental fleet.

We also brought in a Ticino 1 which will be a shop bike/ coffee getter, and a ladies Ticino 8D which has already found a good home. The Ticino line appeals to the longtime bike guy in me; adorned with bits of throwback-styled bike jewelry such as high flange hubs, TA styled cranks, swept handlebars and reversed brake levers. These bikes are gorgeous… and fast!

We brought in an Amsterdam, which is a Dutch-styled city bike. The Amsterdam line features internal hub shifting, coaster & drum brakes, and a self-sustained generator light system… all make for a dependable, solid bike that requires very little maintenance. Specifically, we brought in a model from the Alexander Girard line, harkening back to the heyday of mid-century modern textile design. She’s a beauty, eh?

Next up: Electra Townies. We have a Townie Original 21D coming in next week to a good home, and perhaps a Townie Euro sometime shortly thereafter.
This is how Idyllwild rolls…


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