Marin Bikes, California

We’ve become an authorized dealer for Marin Bikes. We’re stoked! 

Marin bikes was founded here in California in the shadow of Mt Tamalpais, where the company is still based today. We’re proud to carry a brand that also flies the California Republic flag. We’re filling out our entry level mountain bike needs with Marin, stocking bikes that can get you rolling on trail without breaking the bank, as well as kids bikes, fitness bikes, and urban use bikes. They offer something for everyone, and a lot of value.

We got set up to work with Marin shortly after this year’s Interbike trade show. Once we’d placed our opening order we made some room in the shop for the new bikes (“nesting” for baby bikes) and eagerly awaited their arrival.

A truck belly full of bikes for us to build up

Zander watches over our order

Nick, Mary (plus Zander) and I spent a long evening assembling most of the bikes that first night. We ordered in some pizza and shared a growler from the Kern River Brewing Company (thanks Craig!) I was impressed with how nicely they went together, and some of the smart component selections on the various models. More on that later.

Bikes, pizza, beer, friends & family. The good life. 

Nick makes some final adjustments to the Palisades Trail 29

We are well stocked to outfit a beginning mountain biker with the Pioneer Trail Disc and Wildcat Women’s Fit, both lightweight, durable bike- trail ready. For the trail enthusiast we’re offering the Palisades Trail 29, with larger 29″ wheels, a 3×10 drivetrain, and hydraulic disc brakes. Also, we have some fantastic offerings for the urban rider, with the Hamilton 29er 2-Speed and the Inverness fixie. Bikes start in the $500 range.

Stop by The Hub Cyclery for a test ride and we’ll help you find the right bike to suit your needs.


2 thoughts on “Marin Bikes, California

  1. As you (and everybody else!?) know from my constant yammering about it, I am a huge Marin fan now after a couple of weeks on my new Marin Stelvio road bike! It was a real value and performs beyond my wildest expectations.

  2. What? Nobody else is posting here? Well, in follow-up, Brendan has patiently worked to set up my Stelvio to my likings. Right away, I took advantage of the 10-speed rear cluster options and had an 11-28 installed. This perfectly compliments our rolling and occasionally steep mountain roads. With the 10 speeds I feel no “holes” between gears and, with the fine tuning of the set-up and this gearing I can ride comfortably in one position forever, climb better, descend better and am generally in road bike heaven!

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