Rainy Day on South Ridge

We got out yesterday for a most unexpectedly fun ride.

A fluke snowstorm last week has kept us off the trails a while. So, when yesterday’s shop ride (every Saturday at 8am) got rained out, cabin fever really started to set in. We saw a break in the weather and decided to GO FOR IT. We packed up some rain gear and figured the ride would be a “character builder.”

Dawne took out her new Siren John Henry for a break-in ride

We had some snow left from last week’s storm, mostly in north-facing areas that hadn’t melted yet. The traction was great. The temperature was perfect for climbing.




We passed by an overlook with a view below to town. The sky cleared up nicely as we climbed.

Handsome devil

Fashion statement or footwear faux pas?

On top, we visited the Stone Temple. We were really fortunate to be there during a short window of clear sky, with clouds moving dramatically below.

Silver Fox or Proud Rooster?



We enjoyed a snack, took in the view (and a little bourbon) up top just before the fog rolled in. Warmed up, we pointed the bikes down hill and had a blast. 

Marlin descends from the Stone Temple as fog rolls in.

We hit some snow patches and slip-slided our way down. It was like being a kid again. Back in town, we rode some little-used back ways, crossed the creek and cruised through town. We were greeted back at the shop with a hot fire. Great Saturday!







5 thoughts on “Rainy Day on South Ridge

  1. The only footprints on that trail were mine the trail was mostly hidden by snow.I hiked up thurs camped then back down on fri I removed a lot of branches and junk from the trail on my hike also one branch was sticking out like a spear on a blind corner. It shure is pretty in the snow compared to before.

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