How Beth Got Her Mojo

Beth & her Mojo: long legged, confident, and attractive.
That’s what she was looking for in a new bike. Enter the Ibis Mojo.


She was ready to step up from her 4″ travel bike to something that could simultaneously increase her comfort on the trail and boost her confidence in the steeps. She’s a designer by trade, so the aesthetics of the bike were also quite important. When she inquired about the Ibis Mojo SL we had to admit it would be a great match. At 120mm suspension travel with a carbon fiber frame & DW Link suspension, it fit the bill. We wanted a great offering like the Mojo, So we became a dealer.


We bundled a custom build kit for her and made the magic happen. Starting with Ibis’s own Fox Talas 120/150mm fork, we added a dashing mix of Shimano XT and XTR components. Then we topped it off with a pair of hand built Chris King/ NoTubes Crest wheels, a Thomson cockpit, and Avid BB7 brakes for easy management.

Since we built it up, Beth has ridden all over Palm Desert, Idyllwild, and Tahoe. The word?
Sounds like we made a love connection.



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