Marin Bikes, California

We’ve become an authorized dealer for Marin Bikes. We’re stoked! 

Marin bikes was founded here in California in the shadow of Mt Tamalpais, where the company is still based today. We’re proud to carry a brand that also flies the California Republic flag. We’re filling out our entry level mountain bike needs with Marin, stocking bikes that can get you rolling on trail without breaking the bank, as well as kids bikes, fitness bikes, and urban use bikes. They offer something for everyone, and a lot of value.

We got set up to work with Marin shortly after this year’s Interbike trade show. Once we’d placed our opening order we made some room in the shop for the new bikes (“nesting” for baby bikes) and eagerly awaited their arrival.

A truck belly full of bikes for us to build up

Zander watches over our order

Nick, Mary (plus Zander) and I spent a long evening assembling most of the bikes that first night. We ordered in some pizza and shared a growler from the Kern River Brewing Company (thanks Craig!) I was impressed with how nicely they went together, and some of the smart component selections on the various models. More on that later.

Bikes, pizza, beer, friends & family. The good life. 

Nick makes some final adjustments to the Palisades Trail 29

We are well stocked to outfit a beginning mountain biker with the Pioneer Trail Disc and Wildcat Women’s Fit, both lightweight, durable bike- trail ready. For the trail enthusiast we’re offering the Palisades Trail 29, with larger 29″ wheels, a 3×10 drivetrain, and hydraulic disc brakes. Also, we have some fantastic offerings for the urban rider, with the Hamilton 29er 2-Speed and the Inverness fixie. Bikes start in the $500 range.

Stop by The Hub Cyclery for a test ride and we’ll help you find the right bike to suit your needs.


Rolling in Comfort & Style- Electra

We’ve partnered with Electra Bicycle Company to round out our product line with comfortable, stylish, recreational bikes. 

I’ve known of Electra for some time, both for their fantastic style and the unique (patented) fit, which they call Flat Foot Technology. This one-two punch of style & comfort makes for a great Idyllwild bike; the upright, comfy position lets you see traffic and the beautiful mountains we live in… and the bikes look great anywhere in town from Idyllwild Arts to the Farmer’s Market to Cafe Aroma and all points between.

We’ve brought in a small selection of the lines we’re most interested in, starting with a pair of Townies, which may eventually make up our forthcoming rental fleet.

We also brought in a Ticino 1 which will be a shop bike/ coffee getter, and a ladies Ticino 8D which has already found a good home. The Ticino line appeals to the longtime bike guy in me; adorned with bits of throwback-styled bike jewelry such as high flange hubs, TA styled cranks, swept handlebars and reversed brake levers. These bikes are gorgeous… and fast!

We brought in an Amsterdam, which is a Dutch-styled city bike. The Amsterdam line features internal hub shifting, coaster & drum brakes, and a self-sustained generator light system… all make for a dependable, solid bike that requires very little maintenance. Specifically, we brought in a model from the Alexander Girard line, harkening back to the heyday of mid-century modern textile design. She’s a beauty, eh?

Next up: Electra Townies. We have a Townie Original 21D coming in next week to a good home, and perhaps a Townie Euro sometime shortly thereafter.
This is how Idyllwild rolls…

Women Friendly

I’m very excited about the direction our shop is taking and want to share a little, maybe even get on my soap box.

Our shop has a touch of the feminine. I’ve always enjoyed riding with men, but the companionship of gabbing with the girls on a women’s ride fills a very important role for me. I also think that getting everyone on bikes is positively affected by getting women out.

I read a great article on this week about the gender differences between men and women on bikes. Women want safe bike routes and want them to be practical – like to get to the grocery store, or the park with a kid in tow. So, when we design our communities with these needs in mind, the bike routes and lanes become friendly to all – from beginners to avid riders.

“An emerging body of research suggests that a superior strategy to increase pedal pushing could be had by asking the perennial question: What do women want?”

Beyond making our communities a good place to ride a bike, I have bonded with so many women over a ride and there are many things in our society that pit women against each other, and cycling can do the opposite, if we allow it.

This is why we have women’s rides on Sunday (leaving the shop at 9am.) We are building an army! How many towns this small have women’s rides… not many that I’ve been to, but we are setting a new standard. I am also trying to get going with spin classes in the mornings, but that’s still a little ways off. Women have crazy schedules. They have kids, they have jobs, and often don’t take the time for themselves. Well, this is our healthy way to get together and better ourselves. So, for now, join us on the rides and we’ll have details of the spin classes pretty soon (could just be for bad weather days… not sure yet.)

One other issue that we’re addressing with our shop is women’s apparel and cycling goods. We currently have many different women’s t-shirts in stock and some wonderful bags made by my girlfriend, Maria and her mom Sue at Wyoming Rose Boutique. When we have a little more inventory, you can be assured that we will have at least equal representation for women’s technical wear and definitely lots of women’s accessories.

My goal is to be the HUB of women’s cycling in the area and we’re off to a great start.

-Siren Mary

Peddling Pedaling at The HUB

Coming soon to Idyllwild: Hub Cyclery, aka “The HUB”

A new bike shop coming to Idyllwild, CA. The HUB is:
– a full service bike shop. Training wheels to overhauls and everything in between.
– a bike boutique. We offer world class product lines and comprehensive support.
– a social HUB. Speak easy about riding around town, or get beta on the trails.
– thinking globally, acting locally.

The genesis for the HUB came from some talks last year with Bud Hunt, who’s been the cornerstone of cycling in Idyllwild since before we were riding with training wheels. Suffice it to say we are honored to carry on the Idyllwild bike shop tradition and focus not just on selling bikes, but peddling pedaling.

In time we’ve been here, the active lifestyle has begun to flourish, with businesses around town putting down roots in the healthy living scene. And Idyllwild has made its way onto the Southern California cyclist’s radar as a first class cycling destination. Where five years ago it might be rare to find another rider on local singletrack, making new friends on our trails is now commonplace.
We believe in cycling as a healthy pursuit for mind, body, and spirit… for our neighbors here in town and weekend visitors coming up for a breath of fresh air.

Come join us for the ride.

Brendan & Mary