Lezyne Super Drive

We might’ve found the bikepacking light we’ve been looking for. 

The Lezyne Super DriveImage

This light is very powerful, lightweight, and relatively inexpensive. With four settings 450/300/100 lumens, plus blinking, it’s versatile to boot. (burn times are 90/150/330 minutes, respectively) Image

Some things I really liked right away with this light were the mounting location, which is slightly forward and above the handlebar bags, zero interference. But what makes it really cool? The USB rechargeable battery that is also removable. Yep, simply unscrew the battery out of the back and pop in a spare, which can be had for about 20 bucks. When you have the available juice, recharge the whole shebang with any USB cord. 

Want to get your hands on one? We keep them in stock at The Hub for about 95 bucksImage