The Hub Welcomes Lynskey Titanium Bikes

We’ve partnered with Lynskey to bring you the finest titanium bikes around.
And we couldn’t be more excited!


We’ve wanted a titanium offering at the shop to compliment other frame materials. Titanium frames have an enjoyable, lively & refined feel… combined with lighter weight and great durability. All good traits for anyone putting in big miles, be it on a bikepacking trip or a century ride.

Haven’t heard of Lynskey Performace? If you ride a bunch, I’d bet you’ve seen their bikes. They’ve been jigging & welding titanium bikes for a long time, going back to the heyday of Litespeed Bikes. They are real pioneers of titanium bicycle fabrication and have a fascinating history.

But heritage alone wasn’t the only reason we asked them to dance. With other fish in the sea, we were fortunate enough to be choosy. Firstly, we appreciate Lynskey’s investment in US production: they employ 50 people at their Chattanooga, TN facility! Moreover, we appreciate their innovative approach to bike fabrication, with tube shaping and high performance CNC machined parts.
The Lynskey mountain bike line is very well thought out, with production and custom models that can help our customers bring their riding to the next level.

Standard models: First, the high value & versatile Ridgeline 29, and all out performance with proprietary tube shaping, added stiffness, and great tire clearance from the Pro 29 series. Remarkably, either of these models can be had with various finishes as well as different dropout, head tube, and bottom bracket platforms.

Custom fit & geometry: Now this is really exciting. As of now, we can work with you to design a new titanium steed, factoring in your body dimensions, riding terrain, goals, and riding strengths. As you may already know, I (Brendan, aka Hubster in chief) have designed hundreds of one-off custom fit mountain bikes. I’ve become pretty comfortable with the design & fit process, and pretty good at it if I say so myself. 😉


We’ve got a flashy Pro29 model to check out at The Hub, and more soon to come. This first one belongs to bikepacking expert, X chromosome Hubster, and Ride The Divide star Mary Collier. She digs it. Come in, drop us a line, or give us a call to talk about it. If a titanium bike is in your future, we’d like to help you find it.